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Feature Friday: Kakashi

So, I didn’t do my Feature Friday yesterday, because I was celebrating my birthday by getting very, very drunk.  And to continue celebrating my birthday, I thought I would feature my favorite, most fan-service Kakashi cosplayer ever, GreatestSensei!   I’ve always had a little crush on Kakashi.  And Greatestsensei is hot as Kakashi.  Like really, really hot.  Not to be creepy or anything. (Insert heavy breathing.)  So yeah, a hot Kakashi and a cute dog.  Happy birthday to me…


Work in Progress: Mei Terumi

I finished Mei Terumi’s boots!  They are a little baggier then I hoped, but I think they will look great once the costume is all put together. I used a pair of cheap, chunky flip-flops as the base, and made the rest with a grey cotton sheet.

the base

pattern making

uppers before being attached


Completed boots

Akatsuki Cloak Commission

non-specified akatsuki member

My hubby’s Akatsuki cloak

This is my hubby, Don.  He asked me to make him an Akatsuki cloak, and I finally finished it.  It’s the third one I’ve made, and I have one more to go.  After that, I am NOT MAKING ANY MORE OF THESE.  They have the unique distinction of being both incredibly boring to construct, and also frustratingly fiddly and difficult.  I will admit to slacking off on his a little, given that I’m three deep in these.  I got him to wear it, but he didn’t want to do any accessories, so he is not a specific character.  Also, he didn’t want his picture taken, so I didn’t get a whole lot of time to make sure it was sitting on him straight when I took the picture.

cloak in progress

The cloak itself is very straightforward to make, and pretty simple.  I drafted one pattern that is very easy to fit to others with just a few tweaks.  It’s just a black cloak with a red lining, and a standup collar that is heavily interfaced.  The fiddly bit happens when I get to the clouds.

akatsuki cloud

pure evil.

If anyone knows an easier way to do these, they should let me know.  I used fusible web on red fabric, then cut out the cloud shapes and ironed them onto the cloak.  Then, I used bias tape to make the white outlines on the clouds.  I had to stitch the bias tape down by hand, catching the outer edge of the clouds underneath.  I used a parka zipper as a closure, which is kind of cool because it can be adjusted from both the top and the bottom.

I made my Akatsuki robe for my Konan cosplay, and another for my friend Talbert’s Toby cosplay.  I don’t know for sure what character Don will end up being for his cosplay, but he and his friends are supposed to be doing a group cosplay for Anime Kaigi, so he’s going to have to pick up some accessories at some point.  These things are super comfortable, and as a cosplay it’s nice, because it just covers everything.  I’m not going to lie, I wear mine around the house as a bathrobe!

My next projects will be my Anime Kaigi cosplays.  I am doing Mei Terumi from Shippuden, Litchi Faye-Ling’s doctor’s outfit from Blazblue, and Sophia Forrester from Last Exile.  I’ll probably do all of my accessories first.  So, what cons are you all going to, and what will you be wearing?

Konan cosplay

My friend’s Toby cosplay

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