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Feature Friday: FMA group

This week’s feature is the work of three wonderful deviants:  Ed by SkywingKnights,  Al by CrossRage, and Winry by Lostdreamz82.  Their photographer can be found here.  This group is just adorable.  They all did fantastic on their costumes, and they all nailed the personalities of their characters.  Plus, there’s another awesome suit of armor to get me all excited.  Everyone involved has a fantastic gallery that is worth checking out!


Feature Friday: Hilde

This week’s feature comes from Shoko-Cosplay.  She did an incredible cosplay of Hilde from Soul Calibur.  This is one of those ones that just blows my mind…  Soul Calibur is hard enough for starters, because it seems like the level of minute detail they pour into their characters is specifically designed to frustrate cosplayers, but she took it another level by doing a character who is heavily armored. She has to be an incredible craftsperson to achieve that level of accuracy.  She even made the mail herself, and dyed her own wig.  If I had made this, I think I would wear it every day, everywhere.  It is that badass!

Cosplay: Original Character

This summer, I took an Armor Making for the Stage class at my college.  We had a fantastic time, and made ourselves some stage armor for the final.  I learned some great techniques that will definitely come in handy for making cosplay!  The armor I made was designed to match the witch king’s blade from LOTR, which my father gave me.  I figured if I was going to be making armor, I might as well have a weapon to go with it.  I used wonderflex, lots of fabric and paint, fosshape, silver leaf, faux leather, and lots of other stuff.  The chain mail is stage mail, which is made by knitting on a set of large needles.  The chain mail on the gloves is actual linked mail.  The sweater was then painted and silver leafed.  (An unfortunate side effect of a thick, chunky, knitted garment is that it makes me look enormous.)  The wings are fun foam and cardstock, with a wire frame in them.  I made a helmet as well, but I ran out of time and made it the day it was due, and it’s pretty much shit.  I’d like to expand the costume sometime, and I will remake the helmet when I do that.

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