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Feature Friday: Marshall Lee

This weeks feature is Marshall Lee from Adventure Time, from TraumaCentreGrrl.  As usual, her gallery is incredible, go and check it out!  


Feature Friday: Monster Hunter Akantor armor

Feature Friday is on a Saturday again… Sigh.  I’m such a bad blogger.  I figured it was time for more awesome, drool worthy, jealous-making armor, so here is okageo!  Go check out that page.  It is AMAZING.  

Feature Friday: Scanty and Kneesocks

This week’s feature is from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.  Demon sisters Scanty and Kneesocks are brought to you by MrProton and Kamiko-Zero, with photos by Haji-san.  All of their pages are worth a look.  PSwG is another show that I’m planning on cosplaying from, and we’re supposed to have a pretty large group, which will be fun.  I should have progress shots for you all for that next week.  This is an insanely sexy cosplay, which I would not be brave enough to wear!  They both pull it off fantastically.  It must be difficult to make makeup show up on top of red paint, but they did, and how sexy are those lips?

Feature Friday: Daenerys and Khal Drogo

So, yeah, doing my feature on a Saturday again.  And also, I missed my Wednesday post, but I’ve been pretty sick this week.  I need to get better, because Anime Kaigi is creeping up on me!  This week’s feature comes from x3OxyMoron and her boyfriend (how awesome are cosplay couples?) who did a phenomenal Daenerys and Khal Drogo cosplay.  They put a lot of work into their cosplay, and it definitely shows.  They look so great together!

And just for fun:

Feature Friday: FMA group

This week’s feature is the work of three wonderful deviants:  Ed by SkywingKnights,  Al by CrossRage, and Winry by Lostdreamz82.  Their photographer can be found here.  This group is just adorable.  They all did fantastic on their costumes, and they all nailed the personalities of their characters.  Plus, there’s another awesome suit of armor to get me all excited.  Everyone involved has a fantastic gallery that is worth checking out!

Feature Friday: Tiana

Since I got so stalker-ish last week with my sexy Kakashi feature, I’m gonna try to class up the joint with some more Disney.  Tiana from Princess and the Frog is by the awesome Kuranchie on Deviantart.  Go check out her gallery, it’s fantastic.  This dress is so freaking gorgeous.  And I want it.  The flower thing on the front is so beautiful.  She also has a crossplay of Dr. Facilier from the same movie, go check it out!  And armor, and cosplay, and props… really, all of her stuff is awesome.

Feature Friday: Kakashi

So, I didn’t do my Feature Friday yesterday, because I was celebrating my birthday by getting very, very drunk.  And to continue celebrating my birthday, I thought I would feature my favorite, most fan-service Kakashi cosplayer ever, GreatestSensei!   I’ve always had a little crush on Kakashi.  And Greatestsensei is hot as Kakashi.  Like really, really hot.  Not to be creepy or anything. (Insert heavy breathing.)  So yeah, a hot Kakashi and a cute dog.  Happy birthday to me…

Feature Friday: Chrona

This week’s feature is the most adorably psychotic Chrona from Soul Eater I’ve ever seen, by Otohime311.  She did a fantastic job on that sword and wig!

Feature Friday: Kidagakash

I thought it was about time to get some Disney up in here, so here is Kidagakash from Atlantis:  The Lost Empire.  I really feel like that movie is underrated… Cosplay by the fantastic JoLuffiroSauce over on DeviantArt!  Check out her page!  

Feature Friday: Flame Princess

This week’s feature is Flame Princess from Adventure Time, by Kimba616.  She did an incredible job!  How adorable is this??  Bonus points for the wig made from unconventional materials, which is something I’m really obsessed with right now.  It turned out really freaking cool!  And I’m guilty again of  posting a feature of a cosplay I’d like to make, although I’d like to do the blue version from when she’s about to go out.  Go check out Kimba’s page, she has lots of incredible costumes!

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