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Blazblue: Litchi Faye-Ling Doctor Uniform

So… yeah.  Anime Kaigi has come and gone, and I was so busy finishing up costumes, that I haven’t posted here in quite a while!  Yikes!  I will do a recap after Thanksgiving weekend, but for now, here is my big costume debut from Kaigi.  I love me some Litchi Faye-Ling, so I decided to make her doctor uniform!  I love, love, love wearing it.  The corset is actually super comfy!  It’s my first corset, and I’m damn proud of myself.  I’m going to remake it for Conichiwa, so hopefully it will be even better!  


Feature Friday: Marshall Lee

This weeks feature is Marshall Lee from Adventure Time, from TraumaCentreGrrl.  As usual, her gallery is incredible, go and check it out!  

Happy Halloween!

I went as Pizzazz from Jem, with my friend Black-Yuki as Roxy!  What did you do for Halloween?


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