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Feature Friday: Tiana

Since I got so stalker-ish last week with my sexy Kakashi feature, I’m gonna try to class up the joint with some more Disney.  Tiana from Princess and the Frog is by the awesome Kuranchie on Deviantart.  Go check out her gallery, it’s fantastic.  This dress is so freaking gorgeous.  And I want it.  The flower thing on the front is so beautiful.  She also has a crossplay of Dr. Facilier from the same movie, go check it out!  And armor, and cosplay, and props… really, all of her stuff is awesome.


Fashion: First Sweater

This is the first sweater I ever made.  It took me a year, working on it off and on.  There were a lot of things I didn’t know when I started out, like knitting in the round.  It is incredibly cosy, though, and I love it!  I want to make another one soon.

Feature Friday: Kakashi

So, I didn’t do my Feature Friday yesterday, because I was celebrating my birthday by getting very, very drunk.  And to continue celebrating my birthday, I thought I would feature my favorite, most fan-service Kakashi cosplayer ever, GreatestSensei!   I’ve always had a little crush on Kakashi.  And Greatestsensei is hot as Kakashi.  Like really, really hot.  Not to be creepy or anything. (Insert heavy breathing.)  So yeah, a hot Kakashi and a cute dog.  Happy birthday to me…

Fashion: High-Waisted Skirt

I made this skirt out of an old curtain one night when I couldn’t sleep.

Feature Friday: Chrona

This week’s feature is the most adorably psychotic Chrona from Soul Eater I’ve ever seen, by Otohime311.  She did a fantastic job on that sword and wig!

Fictional Knits: Watson Scarf

When I watched Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows, I instantly knew I had to make Watson’s scarf from it.  I also knew I had to make Irene Adler’s dress from the beginning, but I haven’t quite gotten around to that one yet!  Knit in wool ease.

Feature Friday: Kidagakash

I thought it was about time to get some Disney up in here, so here is Kidagakash from Atlantis:  The Lost Empire.  I really feel like that movie is underrated… Cosplay by the fantastic JoLuffiroSauce over on DeviantArt!  Check out her page!  

Cosplay: Saeko

I debuted Saeko from HOTD on Monday, at the last day of Saboten Con.  I built the green parts of her shirt onto a white button-down from the thrift store, and made the skirt from scratch.  I did photoshop in the color of the hair, because I have too much to fit into a wig.  But I cut it all off yesterday, and I’m ready to embrace the wig!  I had a blast at Sabo, and you can see all my con photos here.

No Feature today…

Because I’m going to Saboten tomorrow!!  I’m busy trying to crank out one last costume!  I’ll be going as Yuuko, Konan, and Saeko from HOTD.  Doing a bit of a photoshoot up there too, hopefully!  So who else is going to be there?

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