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Feature Friday: Flame Princess

This week’s feature is Flame Princess from Adventure Time, by Kimba616.  She did an incredible job!  How adorable is this??  Bonus points for the wig made from unconventional materials, which is something I’m really obsessed with right now.  It turned out really freaking cool!  And I’m guilty again of  posting a feature of a cosplay I’d like to make, although I’d like to do the blue version from when she’s about to go out.  Go check out Kimba’s page, she has lots of incredible costumes!


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2 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Flame Princess

  1. this costume is soooo awesome. i would really love it you make a tutorial on how to make it! easy descriptions and what not XD I reallly looove adventure time and i want my friends and me to do a halloween adventure time theme!

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t make this one… It’s from a girl over on Deviantart, for my Feature Friday! Click on the link in the article to contact her! Thanks! I’m a huge Adventure Time fan as well!

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