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Cosplay: Original Character

This summer, I took an Armor Making for the Stage class at my college.  We had a fantastic time, and made ourselves some stage armor for the final.  I learned some great techniques that will definitely come in handy for making cosplay!  The armor I made was designed to match the witch king’s blade from LOTR, which my father gave me.  I figured if I was going to be making armor, I might as well have a weapon to go with it.  I used wonderflex, lots of fabric and paint, fosshape, silver leaf, faux leather, and lots of other stuff.  The chain mail is stage mail, which is made by knitting on a set of large needles.  The chain mail on the gloves is actual linked mail.  The sweater was then painted and silver leafed.  (An unfortunate side effect of a thick, chunky, knitted garment is that it makes me look enormous.)  The wings are fun foam and cardstock, with a wire frame in them.  I made a helmet as well, but I ran out of time and made it the day it was due, and it’s pretty much shit.  I’d like to expand the costume sometime, and I will remake the helmet when I do that.


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2 thoughts on “Cosplay: Original Character

  1. I admire you, I enjoy your blog! Thank You for blogging. /smile

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