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Fictional Knits: Yoko Scarf

While Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann is a little bit to daring of a cosplay for me, I thought her scarf would be really fun to wear around.  So I knitted a version.  I made it a little larger and more scarf-like,  so I could use it in the winter.  It is a tube with the ends sewn together, and is just about the warmest thing ever.  When taking the photo, I figured I would add in a little Yoko-inspired cleavage.  Hey, you can’t do something based on Yoko without the boobs, right?  It fits more like a cowl in person, but I was holding it up to show more detail.


Feature Friday: Flame Princess

This week’s feature is Flame Princess from Adventure Time, by Kimba616.  She did an incredible job!  How adorable is this??  Bonus points for the wig made from unconventional materials, which is something I’m really obsessed with right now.  It turned out really freaking cool!  And I’m guilty again of  posting a feature of a cosplay I’d like to make, although I’d like to do the blue version from when she’s about to go out.  Go check out Kimba’s page, she has lots of incredible costumes!

Tutorial: Girl-ifying a T-shirt

Let’s face it, women’s T-shirts suck.  The fabric is thin and flimsy, with too much stretch.  They tend to come in limited sizes and if you have big boobs, by the time they fit over your chest, it’s six inches too short.  They are also usually more expensive.  I’ve always bought men’s T-shirts, but I hate having the neckline up so high.  It feels uncomfortable.  They also have no curve to them, making them unflattering.  For the longest time, I just cut the neckline right out.  But that looks bad, and it just looks worse every time you wash it.  So I figured out a way to make a basic T a little more suited to my body.

This looks horrible. Don’t do this.

Start with a loose men’s T

The first thing to do is to carefully unpick the neckline with a seam ripper.  Only undo the front portion of the neck, from shoulder seam to shoulder seam, leaving the back neckline intact.

Undo the neckline from shoulder to shoulder

Next, pin the neckband down to the length you want to open up the neck, right sides together.  You can add half an inch to a couple of inches.  Trim out the excess, and take it to your sewing machine.

Using a zig-zag stitch on a fairly wide and long setting, stitch the neckband to the shirt, encasing the outer edges in the zig-zag and backstitching at the ends.  Taper the stitch line where it meets the existing seam from the back of the neckline.  You will have to stretch the neckband slightly to make it match.

Now look at your pretty new neckline!

With the shirt inside out, mark out a curve on either side to take it in a little.  You can make this as dramatic or as subtle as you want.  I didn’t take out much, because I still wanted my shirt to be on the loose side, with just a little shape.  Pin it, trim it, and stitch it the same way you did the neckline.

Shown with one side cut and pinned

Now try on your shirt!

another altered neckline

Cosplay: Yuuko Ichihara

This is a cosplay of Yuuko Ichihara, from the monkey’s paw episode of XXXholic.  I fell in love with the costume when I saw it, and I wanted that kimono to use as a bathrobe!  It was my first kimono, and I’ve fallen in love with them.  Wearing it around the house makes me feel like an incredibly elegant lady.  I’ll be wearing this costume to Saboten con next weekend!

Feature Friday: Hilde

This week’s feature comes from Shoko-Cosplay.  She did an incredible cosplay of Hilde from Soul Calibur.  This is one of those ones that just blows my mind…  Soul Calibur is hard enough for starters, because it seems like the level of minute detail they pour into their characters is specifically designed to frustrate cosplayers, but she took it another level by doing a character who is heavily armored. She has to be an incredible craftsperson to achieve that level of accuracy.  She even made the mail herself, and dyed her own wig.  If I had made this, I think I would wear it every day, everywhere.  It is that badass!

Cosplay: Original Character

This summer, I took an Armor Making for the Stage class at my college.  We had a fantastic time, and made ourselves some stage armor for the final.  I learned some great techniques that will definitely come in handy for making cosplay!  The armor I made was designed to match the witch king’s blade from LOTR, which my father gave me.  I figured if I was going to be making armor, I might as well have a weapon to go with it.  I used wonderflex, lots of fabric and paint, fosshape, silver leaf, faux leather, and lots of other stuff.  The chain mail is stage mail, which is made by knitting on a set of large needles.  The chain mail on the gloves is actual linked mail.  The sweater was then painted and silver leafed.  (An unfortunate side effect of a thick, chunky, knitted garment is that it makes me look enormous.)  The wings are fun foam and cardstock, with a wire frame in them.  I made a helmet as well, but I ran out of time and made it the day it was due, and it’s pretty much shit.  I’d like to expand the costume sometime, and I will remake the helmet when I do that.

Feature Friday: Ranmao

Today’s feature is AyaneKimiko9 over on Deviant Art.  True to my word, I’ve finally chosen a feature cosplay that I don’t plan on doing someday!  AyaneKimiko9 has done a fantastic version of Ranmao from Black Butler.  It’s super adorable.  Great execution on the costume, and a fantastic resemblence!  And how awesome is the location?  

Work in Progress: Mei Terumi

I finished Mei Terumi’s boots!  They are a little baggier then I hoped, but I think they will look great once the costume is all put together. I used a pair of cheap, chunky flip-flops as the base, and made the rest with a grey cotton sheet.

the base

pattern making

uppers before being attached


Completed boots

Litchi Faye-Ling Cosplay

I fell in love with Litchi Faye-Ling as soon as I discovered Blazblue.  I’m such a sucker for a girl in glasses.  And you may as well rock what you’ve got.  A group of my friends decided to do a Blazblue group for a digital gaming carnival put on by the campus chapter of ACM, and I made three costumes for it.  I wore Litchi Faye-Ling, and made Tsubaki and Taokaka, as well as accessories for Makoto.  The rest of the costume for Makoto was made by Black-Yuki, who also made her own Noel costume.

Here is our whole group together

These are the costumes I primarily made

Feature Friday: Re-L Mayer

Today’s feature is Re-L Mayer from Ergo Proxy, from elodie50a over on Deviantart.  Check out her page!  Elodie50a really captured the attitude of her character, and she got the hair right!  I don’t know how one gets those little cat-ear bumps in their hair, but it seems to be a relatively common thing to anime characters.  Anyway, fantastic job!  Ergo Proxy is an odd little show, but I loved it, and Re-L is definitely under represented in cosplay.  …This one also happens to be a cosplay I plan on doing someday… Next week will be something totally random, I promise.

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