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Kitty Cloak Tutorial

I posted my cat’s elven cloak in this post.  The cosplay kitty is rather popular over on my DA page, so I decided to do a tutorial!  It’s my first tutorial, so if it’s awful, I apologize, and feedback is always appreciated.  Also, pardon my craptastic drawings.  This cloak will work for any of your more patient four-legged friends, and here’s a secret:  it’s just a basic cloak pattern.  You can plug your own measurements in there, and make it human sized.

First, find your kitty and get some measurements.  Measurement A is how long you want your cloak to be, from the nape of the neck.  Measurement B is the height of the hood, from the shoulder to the top of the head, plus a little extra for ease.  Measurement C is around the neck, or how wide you want the neck of the cloak to be.  For your furry friends, make it pretty loose.  If the neck gets caught on something, you want them to be able to slip their heads out instead of getting trapped and strangling themselves.

Now, we will make the pattern.  You should make your pattern out of paper and then transfer it to your fabric.  Mark out a small circle with an opening, the circumfrence of which is equal to your neck measurement plus your ease.  I’ve marked one inch of ease on my drawing.  You can make the cloak a full circle, or leave an opening on it as I have in my drawing.  Next, draw out a larger circle around the smaller one, using measurement A to determine how far apart they should be.  (I know, my drawing is not a perfect circle.  It’s because I’m lazy.)  Mark this on your fabric, and cut.

The pattern for the hood is cut in two pieces.  Measurement B is the height of your hood.  Use 1/2 of measurement C plus 1/2 of your ease  to mark out the neck.  The odd little dip in the drawing is there to accomodate the shoulders.  It doesn’t need to be very drastic for a pet, because they don’t have as defined shoulders as a human, but the pattern should be lower at the front, and then rise a little in the center where the shoulders will be.  The front of the hood will be a straight line.  Don’t forget to add in a little seam allowance, then cut out your pieces and stitch together the back seam, which is marked with a dotted line in my drawing.

Next, pin the hood piece to the neck of the cloak, right sides (the pretty sides without the seams showing) together, making sure that the center back and side edges match up.  Stitch together.  It’s a little less clear in my drawing, because I’m not sure how one draws an inside out garment with seam lines showing.  Now, try your cloak onto your pet, and mark out where the ears should go.  Take off the cloak, and cut a line for the ears to fit through.

Since my cloak was an elven one, I closed it with a leaf pin, which I made out of gold fimo and then glued a safety pin to the back of it.  However, you can use whatever closure you want.  A good idea is to use enough elastic so that the cloak can be slipped over your furry friend’s head.  Now, finish your seams and your ear-holes up however you like.  I chose to leave mine raw, because I knew there was no way in hell I was getting my cat to wear it more then once.  And now you’re done!  

If you use the tutorial, be sure to send me a picture of the finished product!


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