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Cosplay: Kitty Cosplay!

…And by Kitty Cosplay, I mean I made my cat a costume!  Today’s post features my beautiful kitty, Peace, dressed up in a LOTR cloak cosplay, complete with a leaf pin!  And I only have one picture, because after I took it, I had to chase her down and drag her out of the closet in order to get it off of her.  She is not a patient kitty.  But she was richly rewarded with treats for her troubles.  Update:  Tutorial!

“Kitten, you fool of a Took!”


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5 thoughts on “Cosplay: Kitty Cosplay!

  1. cupcakesakura on said:

    AWWWWW CUTE =^o^= i wish i was good at sewing i would make my cat casper one in a heartbeat ❤ ❤ love it xox

    • 😀 Thanks! It was actually pretty easy! I was lazy and didn’t hem it or finish the seams, because I (accurately) figured my cat would hate me and I would never get it on her again. Maybe I should make a tutorial, lol!

      • cupcakesakura on said:

        now that you mentioned it ……looking at the kittys face…. ITS A LOOK OF… revenge o.O lol yes i would try (and fail badly) making my cat a little red riding hood. =^O^= xox

      • well then I’ll have to make up a quick tutorial! 😀

      • cupcakesakura on said:

        yes plz ❤ =^o^= ❤ my cat casper needs some clothes (cloak) …..he is butt naked O.o

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