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Tira- Soul Calibur IV


Tira: SCIV

Soul Calibur IV

Tira and Ashlotte- the two costumes I made for Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV

I am SO PROUD of these shoes.

           Tira from Soul Calibur was my first real cosplay, that wasn’t thrown together in a day.  Soul Calibur’s costumes are a bitch to make.  There are approximately 50 million details in every costume.  Every time you think you’ve got it down, you find more detail you need to add.  There’s trim!  And colors!  And the fabric overlaps in weird ways!  The character creation area is very helpful though, because it lets you get a look at the costume from all angles.

Soul Cailbur IV

Tira’s hat

Soul Calibur IV

The entire SCIV group

         I chose Tira because I love me some crazy chicks.  We did the cosplay for a gaming carnival a group at my college was hosting, so we had a whole group together.  I personally made Tira and Ashlotte, although I did end up doing a lot of work on the other costumes as well.  I chose to wear a black tank top under my cosplay, because, well, no one wants to see my rolls and it’s freaking cold out here sometimes.  I’ve never had a problem with tweaking a cosplay to be more flattering, because I think that if you look bad in the costume, people will focus on that and all of the accuracy will be for nothing.  But changing it a little to be more flattering to your body type will make people more likely to notice the work you put into it.


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